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Industrial Paint & Coatings Since 1916


Interior Wall & Woodwork Protection

You may already know that Continental can take care of the wood on the outside of your home. We’ve been coating exterior wood all over the country with our high-performance, long-lasting oil-based WeatherSeal wood stains for over 30 years. What you may not know is that we’ve taken our wood care expertise and brought it inside, too.

Continental’s PolySeal Premium Water-Based Wood Varnish features a full-bodied, easy-to-apply polyurethane acrylic formula that’s perfect for protecting and sealing all types of wood. PolySeal applies like a dream and looks great on interior walls, woodwork and floors. PolySeal is a pleasure to use with its low-odor, easy-to-apply formula that dries quickly leaving behind a beautiful, durable cleanable surface that lasts for years. PolySeal is available in subtle wood tone colors as well as a non-tinted, “natural” finish in both gloss and satin finish.

Features & Benefits

  • Thicker and fuller with higher level of solids
  • Easy-to-apply
  • Less drip, less mess
  • Low fumes
  • Dries fast - 3 to 4 coats in a day
  • 2 - 3 coats are recommended for best performance
  • Scrub and mar resistant
  • Adds depth and clarity to the wood grain
  • Can be used on hardwood and hard pine floors
  • Seals the wood pores and helps maintain an allergy free environment
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1-gallon (3.8L) cans (4 to a case)

5-gallon (18.9L) pails

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Light Timber

Amish Pine

Also available in a “natural” untinted in gloss or satin finish.

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Request General Information

av女优排名 av女优排名 ,年轻的妈妈中语5 年轻的妈妈中语5 ,多人做人爱完整版视频 多人做人爱完整版视频
av女优排名 av女优排名 ,年轻的妈妈中语5 年轻的妈妈中语5 ,多人做人爱完整版视频 多人做人爱完整版视频
av女优排名 av女优排名 ,年轻的妈妈中语5 年轻的妈妈中语5 ,多人做人爱完整版视频 多人做人爱完整版视频